Architectural concrete. Check out and choose modern wall tiles

Architectural concrete is a material intended for interior decoration with the assumption that it is rarely covered with any other material. Decorative concrete slabs go particularly well with modern, minimalist, and loft interiors.

Architectural concrete became particularly popular when the modernist, minimalist and industrial style, associated with the fashion for loft spaces, appeared in interior design. The big advantage of this type of finish is the ease of combining it with other materials such as metal, wood, brick, or glass. The concrete also contrasts well with the distinct colours. One of the most popular and most frequently used methods of applying architectural concrete are decorative tiles. The ranges inspired by this material may differ in terms of the porosity of concrete elements, colour, discolouration, and type of the concrete texture. All this makes architectural concrete suitable for houses or flats, as well as office buildings, exhibition halls, and other public spaces. Tiles made of concrete are also very resistant to adverse weather conditions, as a result of which they are suitable for both interiors and facades. Incana’s offer includes concrete tiles from the Slim range, which are thinner and lighter than the classic concrete products (they are only 1.5 cm thick). Thanks to their special properties, they can be used on less durable surfaces, such as plasterboard walls.

Concerto – architectural concrete in its natural form

The Concerto Natural tiles are made of raw concrete. Their simple and classic design makes them suitable for arranging interiors and facades in any architectural style. Thanks to this, the Concerto range will perfectly complement industrial-style interiors and add a modernist subtlety to the more traditional interior. The Concerto range is available in the classic concrete colour. Dimensions: 64 cm x 37 cm x 1.5 cm (width/height/thickness). The product is therefore thin, but has a large surface, which makes its installation on the wall more efficient and faster.

Grand – narrow and long concrete elements

The Grand Natural range tiles form long concrete slabs, designed for indoor and outdoor installation. They are an ideal solution for those who love the minimalist arrangements and will also go perfectly with a facade or as a finishing element of modern fences. These tiles are characterized by their raw appearance and texture with numerous pits and pores typical for concrete surfaces. They are available in one colour version – Natural. They are slightly thicker than the Slim version, and their dimensions are 54.5 cm x 10.8 cm x 2 cm.

Metro and Stripe – architectural concrete in two colour versions

Metro is a stylish decorative and façade tile suitable for installation in modern interiors and on façades. The surface of the tile features pores and pits characteristic for concrete structures. This timeless material can be made even more attractive with stylish lighting, give an interior a loft-like character. The tile has dimensions of 37.5 cm x 10 cm x 2 cm and is available in two colour versions: – (Bianco) – darker (Graphite). Incana also offers the Stripe range, which when installed, looks like thin and long concrete slabs, and is ideal for modern styling. It is a tile made up of many elements of different length and thickness, and the characteristic concrete structure is also visible. The Stripe range tiles measure 54.5 cm x 10.8 cm x 2 cm and are available in two colour versions: – (Bianco) – darker (Natural).