Product type: stone
Use: inside, outside, frost-resistant
Material: concrete
Thickness: 2.5 cm
Corner: 2-pieces

Product description

Vermont is a façade and decorative stone with a very distinctive character. Massive, with different structure of individual elements, impresses everyone. The texture and colours are clearly inspired by nature. The Vermont tiles installed on the façade give the house an incredible look, and when used decoratively in interiors, it breaks standards by diversifying and complementing the interior. It is indeed created for ambient illumination.

The colors


Tile dimensions: 37,5cm x 10cm x 2,5cm
M2 of tiles in the package: 0.38 m2
The number of tiles in the package: 10
Package weight: 12 kg


Corner dimension: 8,3cm + 24,1cm / 13,2cm +19,7cm
Mb corner: 1 mb
The number of corners in the package: 10
Package weight: 12 kg


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