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Płytki: 49,08 zł / opakowanie
Narożniki: 88,19 zł / opakowanie
Kolor: Marrone
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Koszt dostawy: 123 zł
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Product type: brick
Use: inside, frost-resistant
Material: concrete
Thickness: 1.5 cm
Corner: 1 piece

Product description

Sardinia is a concrete tile that is part of the Brick collection and therefore imitates brick. The product is offered in the following colours: Sand, Maarone and Gray. These are shades of brown and grey, which gives the possibility of wide application in architecture. These are subdued colours that will look well on façades, and can also add variety and distinction to the interior. Additionally, the surface lined with decorative and façade bricks can be individualized by selecting the colour of the joint. Brick is a material that never loses its charm.

The colors


Tile dimensions: 19,5cm x 5,7cm x 1,5cm
M2 of tiles in the package: 0.5 m2
The number of tiles in the package: 48
Package weight: 13 kg


Corner dimension: (7,9cm + 18,5cm) x 5,7cm
Mb corner: 1 mb
The number of corners in the package: 16
Package weight: 7 kg


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