Product type: stone
Use: inside
Material: gypsum
Thickness: 2 cm
Corner: 2-pieces

Produkt dostępny w sieci:

Product description

The use of decorative tiles in white, which is the colour of the Mizar gypsum tile, is a way to decorate walls quickly and effectively. The surface of the tile is a clever combination of wood and stone structures. Thanks to its large size and ease of gypsum processing, it is a product whose assembly does not cause any problems, giving great satisfaction from a beautiful interior. The universality of colour and the uniqueness of the design make the Mizar wall tile a perfect addition to any interior.

The colors


Tile dimensions: 55cm x 22cm x 2cm
M2 of tiles in the package: 0.48 m2
The number of tiles in the package: 4
Package weight: 9.4 kg


Corner dimension: 12cm + 42,2cm/17cm + 36,8cm
Mb corner: 0.88 mb
The number of corners in the package: 4
Package weight: 8.5 kg


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