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Product description

Upholstered panel in the shape of a long rectangle available in many colors. Intended for indoor use. The product is subtle to the touch, and the fabric used has an antibacterial certificate. A wall with the addition of an upholstered panel will change the character of the apartment. This product allows you to arrange the wall in virtually any room. The panels allow you to create unique spaces, e.g. as a headboard behind the bed, finishing a recess in the corridor, securing a play corner in a children’s room, a decorative wall in a living room, a youth room or a dining room.

Upholstered panels can perform various functions:

Soft walls – wherever it is nice to lean against the wall – for example the wall behind the seat – a bench without a back, or the wall around the bed;
A headboard or just a headboard of a bed
Decoration – upholstered panels give the interior an elegant, sometimes luxurious character. They can be used as a form of decoration, filling a recess in the corridor or creating a unique mosaic;
Improvement of acoustics – due to the softness of the fabric, upholstered panels can perfectly absorb sounds, and thus soundproof the room;
Children’s safety – it cannot be denied that every reasonable child will be happy to cover the walls of the bed or children’s play corner with a soft panel.


Easy and quick installation without the help of a specialist. Depending on your preferences, you can use glue or Velcro tape. The product can be combined with other modules from the Incana Softi series. Set together different colors and shapes according to your ideas and needs.

Please read the instructions before assembling the product. Before starting work, check carefully the purchased goods for manufacturing defects. Remember that the product installed contrary to the instructions is not covered by the warranty. INSTRUCTIONS FOR ASSEMBLY OF INCANA SOFTI UPHOLSTERED PANELS


The panel is made of durable materials. The fabric used has an antibacterial certificate and is easy to clean. In case of dirt, the panel should be gently vacuumed, and any stains should be removed when wet with a soft sponge and water.

Body: 7mm MDF board.
Filling: Flexible block polyurethane foam, 3 cm thick.
Cover: Flame-retardant fabric, antibacterial certified, 100% polyester

Long panel
Dimensions: 15cm x 90cm
Weight: 0.85 kg
Area: 0.14 m2


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