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Product type: stone
Use: inside, outside, frost-resistant
Material: concrete
Thickness: 2.5 cm
Corner: 2-pieces

Product description

The Hudson concrete stone is a product which has a very wide range of applications. The possibility of indoor and outdoor use, as well as the availability in three colours, make it a product with a wide range of applications. The Natural colour is a bright product with beautiful darker discolourations. Volcano, on the other hand, is a shade of graphite, which is illusionally similar to volcanic rocks. The Hudson decorative tiles in Copper colour are beautifully intense brown. Beautiful “wild” structure and a multitude of colours make this product very often visited in and on our homes.

The colors


Tile dimensions: 37,5cm x 10cm x 2,5cm
M2 of tiles in the package: 0.38 m2
The number of tiles in the package: 10
Package weight: 12 kg


Corner dimension: 27cm + 9,5cm/16cm + 21,9cm
Mb corner: 1 mb
The number of corners in the package: 10
Package weight: 12 kg


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