Product description


is a professional mortar for filling joints with a width of 4-20mm on walls and floors made of INCANA decorative stones. Thanks to the use of the highest quality components, such as high-quality cements, mineral meals and resins, it can be used both outdoors and indoors, in dry and damp rooms. INCANA grout is characterized by high strength and adhesion as well as very good operating parameters, such as resistance to scratching and cracking.

Preparation of the mortar and substrate:

The ready-to-use product is obtained by gradually pouring the entire content of the bag into a previously measured amount of water (0.9-1.0 liter / 5 kg of powder) and mixing until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. INCANA grout obtains parameters ideal for use after 5 minutes, and its ready-to-use time, from the moment of mixing with water, is up to 2 hours (at + 23ºC and 50% relative humidity). INCANA grout should be used when the INCANA decorative stones are permanently bonded to the substrate and the INCANA bonding mortar is hardened and dried.


INCANA grout can be applied according to 2 suggested methods: • using a bag – put the prepared mortar in a plastic bag (as for a dough). Cut off the end of the bag and press it to apply grout into the gaps between the stones. • using a rubber spatula – apply the grout evenly into the gaps between the stones
Excess grout should be removed from the stone surface on a regular basis using a clean, slightly moistened sponge and a sponge float. Fresh joints should not be soaked too much, as this may wash out pigments or wash out the grout. After initial setting, the joint can be gently smoothed with a spatula or a glove. Consumption: 3.8 kg / 1 m2


The mortar should be transported and stored in a tightly closed container. Protect against moisture. The shelf life is 12 months from the production date shown on the packaging.