Finishing Panel

Product type: decor
Use: inside
Material: gypsum
Thickness: 2 cm
Corner: x

Product description

Finishing strip for the London Panel product. It is a subtle and beautiful stucco molding made of plaster. Thanks to its regular shapes, it will find it among numerous arrangements. The product is made of white plaster, so it is perfect for painting with traditional interior paints. Thanks to this, it can be adapted to any space. It works well not only in classic interiors, but also in modern ones. The strips can be combined with each other, thanks to which it is possible to create unique and very original wall decorations

The colors


Tile dimensions: 45 cm x 6,5 cm x 2,5 cm
M2 of tiles in the package: 0,12 m2
The number of tiles in the package: 4
Package weight: 2 kg


Corner dimension: 8,4cm + 27,7cm/22,4cm + 12cm
Mb corner: 1.1 mb
The number of corners in the package: 11
Package weight: 1.5 kg


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