Decover impregnation

Product description


Vapor-permeable, preventing dirt, deeply penetrating, does not polish the surface, enhances color, reduces water absorption
Application: Ready-to-use, colorless, vapor-permeable, water-dilutable preparation for hydrophobic impregnation of absorbent construction substrates inside and outside buildings. Recommended for the impregnation of decorative plaster and concrete tiles, except for factory impregnated and painted tiles and for other absorbent substrates such as sandstone, clinker, facing and silicone bricks, roof tiles etc. For indoor and outdoor use. Impregnation strengthens the surface, eliminates dusting, makes it easier to keep the product clean, gently revives the color.


Do not apply the preparation on non-absorbent and poorly absorbent substrates, as it may cause stains on such surfaces.


Substrate preparation: The impregnant can be used on compact, clean, dust-free, stain-free and flaking-off elements of the substrate. There must be no stains or efflorescence of biological and chemical origin (corrosion or salting). When applying the preparation on a freshly made mineral substrate (e.g. cement-lime plasters), a minimum 2-week seasoning period should be maintained. The tiles should be impregnated after the glue is completely dry, about 3-4 days – depending on the recommendations of the glue manufacturer.


Apply the impregnation to the substrate with a sprayer, after obtaining a stable stream, cover the entire surface evenly, avoid stains and puddles. You can also apply the preparation with a brush or a soft brush. Avoid spray mist, cover bushes, plants, etc. Gypsum tiles should be impregnated once, concrete tiles should be covered twice. Each subsequent impregnation treatment should be performed using the “wet on wet” method. When used in closed rooms, ensure ventilation. Clean tools and fresh splashes with water.


Base binder: acrylic and silicone binder. Ambient and substrate application temperature from + 5 ° C to + 25 ° C. Number of layers 1 or 2. Drying time approx. 12 hours when curing at + 20 ° C and 65% relative air humidity. In other conditions, a shorter or longer drying time of the impregnation should be taken into account. Consumption for one coat from 0.15 to 0.2 l / m2