Interior decoration – the 2020 trends – the new INCANA tile catalogue

Designs inspired by the nature and the colours of the earth, but also industrial motifs and loft styling that have been fashionable for years are the dominating interior decoration trends in 2020. Each of them is reflected in a new catalogue of decorative and façade tiles from Incana.

Proximity to nature and respect for the environment are the slogans that have guided the designers working on these Incana’s products premiering this year. This approach is clearly visible in the wood-inspired decoration products. 

Nature and wood – important decoration trends in 2020

A novelty in this year’s Incana’s catalogue are the Eastwood  tiles, featuring earthy colours (beige with brown discolouration). Eastwood is a lightweight concrete product from the Slim range (only 1.5 cm thick), suitable for e.g. plasterboard walls. The tiles have a texture imitating raw wood, with peeling bark.   This type of texture creates an interesting effect, giving your bedroom or living room a unique character.  The tiles are also suitable for outdoor decoration of e.g. columns, parts of a house walls, or fences. 
Another novelty are the Bianco Forest tiles, also from the Slim range, characterized by lightness and durability. The varied surface of this model and its universal white colour make the Forest range a perfect complement to various arrangements and concepts. Its wood structure combined with bark patterns goes perfectly with both the minimalistic Scandinavian style and more varied designs

Loft style among the decoration trends of 2020

The loft style, until recently associated mainly with old, post-industrial interiors, has returned and is still present among the current trends. Interiors of this kind are characterized by spaciousness and industrial, raw finish. They frequently feature details made of metal, concrete, and wood.
The Incana 2020 catalogue features a new type of concrete tiles with pits and grout – the Stripe. The tiles have a texture which is a combination of many elements of different length and thickness, and are available in two colour versions: 

– Bianco,

– Natural (grey concrete). 

The loft-style finish can also be arrived at using bricks and materials that imitate them. These are usually red, grey, or white tiles. Incana’s offer also includes the Milano Loft tiles. They have the colour of a red brick and come with a ready-made grey grout, which makes their installation much easier. This range is characterized by resistance to frost and moisture, which makes them suitable for outdoor use. 
Another novelty in the Incana 2020 catalogue are the Roma tiles. These brick-imitating concrete tiles have characteristic and non-standard dimensions, inspired by the ancient Roman architecture. They come in the following colours:
– Carrot – dark orange,

– Frost – light grey with darker discoloration. They can be used both for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

Stone inspirations in the 2020 trends

The decorative stone decor is made of gypsum and concrete tiles inspired by the natural texture of various rocks and stones. In this segment an interesting novelty by Incana are the 3.5 cm thick concrete façade tiles:

Antero Sahara (a massive product with a distinctive structure and subdued colours, imitating a stone surface marked by erosion and the passage of time),

Everest Rust (dark colours inspired by basalt volcanic rocks), – Malta Nougat (tiles imitating the natural stone, in several overlapping shades of brown). 
Among this year’s premieres is also the Colorado range, which is a reproduction of the stone walls characteristic of old buildings. After installing them on the wall, no straight, intersecting lines are visible, which gives them a three-dimensional effect imitating the appearance of an irregular stone wall. 

Hits in a refreshed version – premieres in the Incana catalogue

In order to better tailor the product range to the needs of our customers, Incana designers have prepared new colour versions of their most popular products. This product range includes:

Castor in the Arctic colour (light grey) – in addition to the previous Frio and Cappuccino colour versions,

– two new colours for the decorative panels Murro: Arctic and Dark.