INCANA SYSTEM – solid tile assembly and an even longer warranty

Incana system – solid tile assembly and an even longer warranty

In order for a wall decorated with decorative tiles to retain its original appearance for longer, it is necessary to choose high-quality tiles, but also to install them in the right way and using the highest-quality accessories. By using a set of Incana products, the customer not only gains certainty of the final result, but also an additional manufacturer’s warranty for up to 5 years! Incana decorative tiles are made of concrete or gypsum. Depending on their purpose, they can decorate the walls of the living room, dining room, bedroom, children’s room, and even the kitchen and bathroom (where they will be exposed to increased exposure to moisture and water). Most of the range can be installed both outdoors and indoors. Incana designers have developed series inspired by classic brick, stone, concrete and wood, as well as decorated with modern, geometric patterns.

In order for each of the selected series to look as good as possible and to be fixed in a durable and safe manner, you should:

  • properly prepare the surface for gluing (first of all, clean it and level it),
  • use highly flexible glue,
  • stick the tiles in accordance with the instructions,
  • impregnate the product (not applicable to tiles painted with specialized paint – relevant information can be found in the product description on the packaging or on the website

Advantage of INCANA SYSTEM – what does the client gain?

Incana, as a Polish manufacturer of decorative and facade wall tiles with many years of experience, has created accessories that make it easier for the customer to assemble the products on their own at every stage. They are properly selected elements of construction chemicals used to attach various types of tiles. Being fully convinced of the high quality of its products, Incana offers customers an extended warranty period of up to 5 years for the installed tiles (using Incana tiles, but with accessories from other manufacturers, you can count on a two-year statutory warranty). To take advantage of this option, the customer must use each of the elements of the Incana System, i.e .:

  • GLUE
  • IMPREGNAT (not applicable to painted Incana Decor Premium tiles that do not require impregnation ),
  • GROUT (does not apply to the series with a ready grout and those that have completely grouted They do not require).

Due to the fact that all elements are produced by one company, combining them guarantees the best effect. In the case of using construction chemicals from other companies, Incana cannot guarantee that the installation of tiles will be safe and long-lasting.

Incana System components – the highest quality components The quality of Incana accessories is determined by innovative production methods and the highest quality ingredients.

Incana primer can be used indoors and outdoors, on all porous and absorbent substrates of concrete, aerated concrete, gypsum materials, drywall, cement and cement-lime plasters. It improves the adhesion of the wall, as well as levels and limits its absorbency and protects it against the harmful effects of moisture. The primer is universal and can be used under paints, plasters, wallpapers, screeds, self-leveling floors, as well as adhesives for ceramic tiles and putty.

FLEX Incana adhesive is available in two versions – 25 kg and 10 kg It is intended for gluing decorative stone and ceramic tiles on walls and floors. Thanks to a special blend of high-quality components, it is frost-resistant and water-resistant, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. DECOVER Incana impregnation for gypsum and concrete tiles is used to protect them both inside and outside. It is a ready-to-use, colorless, vapor-permeable, water-dilutable preparation for impregnation of absorbent construction substrates. Incana hydrophobic impregnation for decorative tiles is a modern, ready-to-use, colorless preparation based on silicone resins. It is used for the impregnation of artificial concrete stone, concrete substrates, cement plasters, cement-fiber boards.

Fuga Incana is a professional mortar for filling joints 4-20 mm wide on walls and floors made of decorative stones. The grout is characterized by high strength and adhesion as well as very good operational parameters, such as resistance to scratching and cracking. In order to best match it with selected tiles, it is available in five colors:

  • white,
  • ashen,
  • gray,
  • graphite

Decorative wall tiles by Incana allow you to easily decorate a wall in the house and apartment, as well as on the facade. In combination with Incana construction chemicals, they guarantee not only a phenomenal visual effect, but also a solid and safe assembly.