As a reliable brand and a company that aspires to become the leader in its industry on the European market, Incana consciously respects the rules of corporate social responsibility. We are proud that we have become a member of a community for which social awareness is so important for business. These rules have been an inseparable and natural policy of the company and have accompanied its activity since its beginning. They are not an outside template that we try to adapt to.As such, at Incana, all rules that refer to respecting employee rights, healthy competition and the care for the natural environment are unquestionable and considered a priority – from the moment of organizing any of our company’s operational and development strategies, through the process of implementation, to normalisation and becoming a firm guideline. Corporate social responsibility is one of the key values of Incana. 

Here is how this aspect is manifested in the individual sectors of our broadly understood activity and what it means to us in practice:


Clear rules, dignified conditions, OHS and development opportunities

We treat all our employees and candidates with respect, because the fact
that someone would like to work within our structure is already a distinction and an opportunity to show our best side as an employer.
As early as at the recruitment stage, we clearly and precisely define both the requirements and working conditions for a given position, as we respect the time of each employee, including potential employees. We always provide information about the results of the recruitment process, regardless of the result. We employ the best people and provide them with the best working conditions.
We select our staff very carefully and rigorously, only to make sure that the choice turns out to be right and will permanently bond the employee to the company.
We are committed to creating a fruitful and long-term cooperation with our co-workers and a quasi-family atmosphere, because only such relationships are considered satisfactory and give a sense of security and measurable benefits to both parties. We provide everyone with a decent and stable salary. We prove that a motivated employee is a committed and efficient employee.
In the employee-employer relationship we adhere to 3 principles: tact, respect and honesty. At the same time, we try to make the relations as friendly as possible. We treat all of our employees equally, regardless of where they are in their careers or what is their current position, without double standards. Our motto is: “We demand, we respect, we appreciate.” We strive to respect the time and privacy of all our employees, as well as to ensure their development and good health, by offering not only reliable insurance, but also as many training courses to improve their qualifications as possible.
We strictly observe the OHS principles, because the health and life of the employees is our highest value. We implement health and safety principles for each individual to make them visible and to ensure that they are followed and sustained. We provide clean, safe and comfortable workplaces.


Quality, customer safety, customer satisfaction

As a manufacturer and distributor of external and internal tiles of various types, we focus mainly on the quality of raw materials from which our products are manufactured. We verify not only the quality and durability of the final product, but we also apply strict safety standards at each stage of its development. Increased monitoring is essential to ensure that a product does not release any harmful substances and is safe for the health of the customers and their families and to give them a long-term or a lifetime guarantee.
The products we offer are always subjected to all the tests required by the European Union, and before launching a new product on the market we also examine its transport route, i.e. logistic conditions.
We also respect the customer’s right to return, exchange or complaint of the product, although our goal is that such situations should be occasional and constitute negligible percentage of all transactions. Therefore, we attach great importance to comprehensive descriptions of our products, and the availability of information about them in company catalogues and advertisements. Everything to maximize customer satisfaction with the purchase.


Ethical trading, healthy competition, reliability

For cooperation, we choose such partners as we would like to be: reliable, dependable, guided by similar management principles and respecting the environment.
The satisfaction of our customers also depends indirectly on our business partners, therefore, before making a cooperation decision, we always take a close look at the methods of operation of a given company and its reputation and opinion on the market, regardless of whether they are distributors, forwarders, traders, suppliers or advertising contractors. At the same time, we are proud to become a reliable partner for many leading companies in the market.
In clarifying the terms and conditions of the agreement with our co-workers, we always act within the legal framework, drawing up fair and competitive yet always clear and ethical agreements. We do not apply the negative campaigning. We strengthen our position on the market by constantly expanding the knowledge and skills of our management board and the employees.
Naturally, we attach special importance to cooperation with our customers, who we consider to be the VIP partners.


Being part of a local community

As a recognisable brand, we strive to be part of the local community from which our customers and employees come, both as an observer and a participant. We are constantly interested in the life and problems of the local community in order to better match our product to its expectations and keep up with the fashion and trends dictated by its members. In justified cases, we are happy to put our name behind local social and cultural initiatives, including sponsoring activities. We are also involved in credible and verified charity events. We do not avoid contact with local media, always providing journalists and PR specialists with the necessary information or providing sources of information.


Gas emissions, sewage, waste

We are proud to work in accordance with the highest ethical standards in terms of respecting our planet and ensuring the future of the youngest generation. The forward-looking policy is close to our environmental values and this is what we try to do in all the places where our tiles are produced. We also implement pro-ecological behaviours among our employees and organise lectures on the harmfulness of certain consumer behaviours.
We pay special attention to issues such as sewage disposal, production waste management and gas emissions, following the WHO recommendations and EU guidelines in this area. Caring about the natural environment is one of the points of our mission, because we identify minimizing the harmful impact of human activity on the environment with providing future generations with decent living conditions.


Water and energy resources, transport, no wastage

We constantly educate our employees in the field of ecology, because we want to be reliable and follow all the rules we adhere to and to be a testimony to the values we believe in. We give them clear guidelines on how to make the most efficient and effective production process possible. In this way, we ensure that all materials used in production are utilised to the maximum and that waste is just a small part of the process.
We make everyone aware of the most economical use of energy and water. Our warehouses and production halls are only powered and illuminated by energy-saving products. In our plants we also promote drinking tap water in places where the local PwiK (Municipal Water and Sewerage Company) authorities have found it drinkable.
We also make sure that the logistics process is as efficient as possible. All production and warehouse logistics are performed within one facility, and orders are delivered by specialized shipping companies to ensure the shortest possible transportation and delivery time. Everything for the sake of customer satisfaction.