We have prepared a professional texture base for our products for architects and designers. It is prepared in the form of JPG files with very high resolution. In addition, we also enclose assembly instructions for Incana Products.

    Technical informations

    1. The surface to which the INCANA products will be glued should be even, dry, clean, durable and stable. Before installation, it is recommended to prime the wall with a primer * of INCANA. If it is found that the adhesive side of the tile has a smooth, glassy surface, it should be matted using a wire brush or similar tools. If necessary, you can sand the edge of the tile to remove any unevenness. It is recommended to use glue * from INCANA, which is flexible, frost-resistant and intended for bonding concrete products. The adhesive should be applied to the surface of the tile using a toothed trowel. Excess adhesive should be removed using suitable putty, avoiding the side edge of the tile becoming dirty. In case of contamination during gluing, the adhesive should be removed immediately with a damp sponge.
      If you need to cut a tile for a given size, use a diamond diamond cutting tool.
      The façade cladding should not be laid at temperatures below 5 degrees C and above 25 degrees C, and during rain.
      The places where façade cladding was installed should be protected from weather conditions until the glue is completely dry.
      When stacking, mix the stone from different packages to compensate for any color differences. Discoloration on tiles is an intentional effect.
      In order to reduce the likelihood of lime efflorescence and color protection on façade claddings, the manufacturer recommends using the * INCANA impregnation. Impregnation is recommended after approx. 14 days.
      Calcareous efflorescence is a natural physicochemical phenomenon. Efflorescence after gluing the product does not result from reasons attributable to the manufacturer and are not subject to complaint. The phenomenon of efflorescence is a process which, after a while, gives way.
      Information on the impregnation of individual INCANA products is included on the label on the packaging. √ – the product should be impregnated, x – the product should not be impregnated.
      Before assembly, check whether the product has no visible defects. The INCANA company is not responsible for incorrect assembly, use of other building chemicals. Complaints regarding the sizes and colors after assembly will not be considered. All works should be carried out in accordance with the “Technical conditions for the performance and acceptance of construction and assembly works”. The manufacturer’s warranty covers only the replacement of the product.
      Brick-like tiles are sold in assembly meters, counted without a joint. The permissible deviation in the contents of the package may vary within ± 5%.
      * Materials needed for assembly and care of façade claddings are available in our offer.

      More detailed information can be found in our INSTALLATION MANUAL which can be downloaded in PDF format.